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ADR Sessions…ahh know how it is when your cinematography is poppin’ and your sound goes caput in some areas. So fun and lots of work to stay focused to ADR myself in this one…oooh…and I get to do accent work! Naija…

Syncing Ink!!!

Such an INCREDIBLE show. Syncing Ink is a theatre show playing at the new Flea Theatre in NYC and written by NSangou Njikam. Great storytelling, homage to the Yoruba Orishas and freestyle rapping. Got to go, y’all before it closes!

Virtually workin’

Booked the role as a supportive yet realistic girlfriend in this super cool virtual reality shoot. Had amazing cinematographers and art directors who spoke Spanish on set and felt like such a chill and open community of artists. The subject…

Dead Girl Set

Here I am on the set of a new indie movie I got cast in called “Dead Girl” as the frank barista friend, Tara telling people about themselves. lol. Really lovely times with wonderful people.

W Sangin’!

So my amazing little sis, Wonu Ogunfowora, is  part of the original Broadway cast of A Bronx Tale.  They had an event at the W Hotel and they had a great set for us! Such talented young performers. Took a…


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