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Bingewatch America

Hey! Check out this fun video about the science of binge watch tv culture. I play an Olivia Pope like character in a fabulous yet ridiculous imaginary show! Watch here:

Like a Director

Making my first project I ever directed, choreographed and starred in. Quite the adventure and looking forward to learning more! The story follows a young woman who is processing not having a person they cared about not being there for…

Body Double Time

Hey y’all, so while I was in England I booked a gig body doubling the lead of a short comedic film directed by Sundance Workshop writer, Iyabo Boyd! So fun and so many face and styles I got to wear…

Glance recognized in Croatia!

This film I lead starred in has been floating all over the world- Picture Farm Film Festival in America, Auckland Film Festival in New Zealand, a gallery in Toyko and now it just came to Croatia! Congratuations to the director…


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