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Halloween as a Russian

Here dancing it up on a party boat in NYC with one of my best friends…I’m really into my bartending right now so guess who we are?….We are black & white russians! Now guess who is the white russian and…

Tom Burke Fashion Show

On the set of “Mysteries of Laura” where I play a NY fashion week attendee. Here is me and my super cute date, Cameron hanging outside of our venue in Chinatown waiting for the lighting crew to do its magic….

On Boat!

Here on a birthday cruise with the creators & founders of the International Music & Arts Society! Happy birthday, Shirley Fan!

Golden Spring

  So proud of this project. Just finished editing. Directed by Lemia Bodden this film has been a passion project in the making for years and it is so satisfying knowing that this is completed. Such a wonderfully transparent &…

Showcase Time

Just strutting my stuff moments before my dance showcase begins! I have been taking a wonderful intensive with choreographer, Shirlene Quigley, and will be doing a dance piece in heels to Rihanna’s “Te Amo” & Soho’s “Hot Music”.


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